#1 Paul Burt



In Slovakia since 2003. 

This is the first episode of MySlovakExperience podcast, thanks for listening.

In the first episode, Paul Burt, the managing director of IBM International Services Centre (company where I'm also working at the time this post is published), currently vice-chairman of BSCF (Business Services Centre Forum) powered by Amcham Slovakia, shares his Slovak experience. 
Paul is an Englishman who came to Slovakia to work for IBM a decade ago. Initially, he thought he would spend a few months here on an assignment, but he ended up living and working here.
In our conversation Paul talks about his first experiences in Slovakia back in 2003, and the challenges he faced when he first arrived. He shares his impressions of Slovakia and Bratislava from a human and business perspective: business, education, food, but also about the ups and downs of a foreigner’s life in a small Slovak village. 

What are the things Paul likes and dislikes about living with Slovaks? When did he start calling Slovakia his home? Listen to Paul and his Slovak experience. 
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