#10 Elena and Humberto

MSX 10 Elena, Lele and Humberto

Slovakia would be perfect

if only the tortillas were better…

Today is the first time I interviewed two guests: Humberto and Elena Abad, Mexican siblings who had lived in Chicago for more than a decade before they landed in Slovakia.

Humberto came in 2011 and his sister followed him a couple of years later, to stay with the family but also because her brother seemed to be having a good life in central Europe.

Through this story, I also want to show how stories of foreigners living in Slovakia are a powerful influencer to our family and peers back home. Foreigners living here are the first ambassadors of that experience, and people back in their home country see Slovakia through their eyes.

We talk a lot about the differences between the three countries Elena and Humberto lived in, about the upsides of living in Slovakia but also some downsides - like the lack of chances to buy really good Mexican food here. With a few genuine tortillas available here, Slovakia would be a perfect place.

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