#3 Nasi the stand-up comedian

Nasi the stand-up comedian

Slovakia raised me

a little bit, I became my own human here.

My today’s guest is Nasi (her full name is Nastaran Alaghmandan Motlagh) who came to Slovakia from Iran with her family. She was 15 years old when they arrived. 
“Slovakia raised me a little bit, I became my own human here,” she says.

You might have seen Nasi either on the Slovak TV or on stage as stand-up comedian. I think she’s really cool at what she does, both in English and in Slovak. I found her clarity of reasoning and respect for inclusion remarkable.

In this episode of the podcast we covered Nasi’s journey from Iran to Slovakia as an immigrant,    but also her love for borovička and feeling for her new home, Slovakia. “It’s worth it!” she says about her Slovak experience. 

For more info about Nasi follow this Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Jokesonyoucomedy/


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