#6 Lorenzo Luci

Lorenzo Luci

In Slovakia

it’s easy

to buy food for BBQ,

it’s always at the beginning, it changed my life.

In early November I travelled to my Italian hometown, Udine, where I met my today’s guest, Lorenzo Luci, to have him share his story about Slovakia. For the first time in this podcast, we share the Slovak experience of someone who chose to leave the country and return home.

Lorenzo is a good old friend of mine, we met many years ago and we enjoyed countless days and experiences together till the time when I moved to Slovakia and he stayed to finish his studies and work in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

He later decided to join me in Slovakia for his Slovak experience that lasted for a couple of years. Through Lorenzo, I bring the Slovak experience of someone who chose to return back home. Now he lives and works in Italy again.

Enjoy the talk with Lorenzo Luci and thanks for listening.

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