Episode 73 Happiness is in the present

During this episode we brought in Scott Crabtree, Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Brain Science.

Scott shared with us a wealth of science, wisdom and knowledge around the topic of Happiness and Mindfulness.

His years of experience around this topic resonate throughout this episode and his tips and tricks are golden nuggets we can all implement in our lives.

We talk about happiness and in particular:

  1. how to define happiness

  2. how to measure happiness

  3. how to become happier

  4. what's the relationship between mindfulness and happiness

  5. has acceptance anything to do with happiness

  6. how to start to be happier?

Scott also shared with us a mindful minute.

Enjoy the conversation and check here if you want to watch it https://youtu.be/KGF6JE9li9o

Thanks share and enjoy!

You can find more about Scott at this websites: