Episode 67 The Mindfulness Master

Today we are with John Shearer, a coach a mentor, and experienced practitioner, simply a mindfulness master with thousands and thousands of hours of experience and many people following his guidance and practices.

You can follow John from his websites


Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/mindful99

Or from the community he established for a world mental health without medication. http://mindfullymad.org

In our show we talk about:

1. the life-changing journey that took John to start practicing mindfulness and becoming a coach

2. about ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

3. about how John summarizes 9000 hours of mindfulness study in a ultimate simple formula

4. about time and the present

5. about why everyone needs mindfulness

and lot cool of other topics and discussions.

Enjoy and take a look at the mindful minute John shared with us https://youtu.be/YVO_cWd_49s

and you can watch the full episode in our podcast version http://ibm.biz/thepresentshowpodcast