Episode 75 Mindful Cyborgs have more people connections

This time we are interviewing Chris Dancy touted as “the Most Connected Human on Earth,” talking to us about his journey into mindfulness and into connection with people and devices.

We discussed:

  1. What it means to be the most connected human and why

  2. What's mindful cyborg

  3. How should be the relationship between humans and devices 4. How to survive the notification jungle

  4. Is technology bringing us away from people of are there other ways to bring people back into the picture?

For more about Chris check out his website https://www.chrisdancy.com

Episode 74 No Judgment please

Today we talk to Manoj Balachandran, manager @IBM and Mindfulness@IBM leader, is sharing in our show his experience with mindfulness, how he discovered it in the corporate world and applied to his leadership style.

We talk also about the non judgmental aspect of the mindfulness practice and how to deal with our own constant attitude to judge everything.

Pat is also sharing a very cool story.

So enjoy the show and thanks for watching and sharing.

You can also enjoy it in video from our YouTube channel here https://youtu.be/7fJRC1XfTbU

Episode 73 Happiness is in the present

During this episode we brought in Scott Crabtree, Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Brain Science.

Scott shared with us a wealth of science, wisdom and knowledge around the topic of Happiness and Mindfulness.

His years of experience around this topic resonate throughout this episode and his tips and tricks are golden nuggets we can all implement in our lives.

We talk about happiness and in particular:

  1. how to define happiness

  2. how to measure happiness

  3. how to become happier

  4. what's the relationship between mindfulness and happiness

  5. has acceptance anything to do with happiness

  6. how to start to be happier?

Scott also shared with us a mindful minute.

Enjoy the conversation and check here if you want to watch it https://youtu.be/KGF6JE9li9o

Thanks share and enjoy!

You can find more about Scott at this websites:


Episode 72 Mindful kids make mindful families

Today we speak to Patrice Berlinski (Mindfulness Consultant, Educator & Life Coach at Presence to Pupils, Inc.)

We cover the following topics:

  1. Patrice and her mindfulness journey

  2. The benefits of mindfulness to kids and to adults

  3. Importance of having mindful families and how kids can bring mindfulness at home

  4. What’s right time to start talking about mindfulness to your kids

  5. What’s the consequence of mindfulness in the office environment

You can watch parts of the conversation here http://ibm.biz/thepresentshow

Thanks share and enjoy!

You can find more about Patrice in her websites:




Episode 71 Breath and Body mindful connection

Today we talk to Jade Ku Sonkin (Director, Corporate Omni Media for L'ORÉAL USA)

She's leading a mindfulness program in her corporate and she's sharing in the video the benefits of the programs and all what comes along when people start practicing mindfulness.

In detail we talk about:

1. the importance of connect breath and body and what role the breath is playing in it

2. how to overcome emotional stressful moments

3. how to talk about mindfulness to people that don't like this buzzword

4. wash dishes as you are taking care of a baby, that will make it a mindful activity

Check also the mindful minute proposed by Jade.

You can watch parts of the conversation here http://ibm.biz/thepresentshow

Thanks share and enjoy!

Episode 70 Be Gone Fear

This week in The Present Show we talk to Breanna Robinson author of the Children's Book "Be Gone, Fear".

You can find more about Bre at this link www.breannarobinson.com

In this episode we talk about:

  1. What's fear.

  2. Why we are scared.

  3. How to teach children to overcome their fears

  4. What's the role mindfulness (and the present) plays to overcome our fears

Find also here the "Don't worry practice" shared by Bre in a mindful minute.

You can watch us into our YouTube channel http://ibm.biz/thepresentshow

Episode 69 Mindfulness is Growing

Today Lele is interviewing MindfulPat about his latest experience teaching and practicing mindfulness in the IBM Cloud Fast Start 2019 that engaged him in New Orleans and Madrid between Jan and Feb.

In this episode we cover:

  1. What's the Fast start and the activities

  2. What was the reaction of the participants

  3. What were the main push back to mindfulness

  4. What to do to start practicing

  5. What's coming up in #thepresentshow

More information about IBM Cloud Fast Start 2019 https://www.ibm.com/partnerworld/cloud/fast-start

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Episode 68 The Present is a Gift

Today we are with Elchanan Ogorek author or the book "The Present is a Gift" that address teachings of mindfulness and Yoga to children.

In this episode we cover:

  1. Elchanan's experience and background that inspired him to write the book

  2. Some of the animals of the book and what they mean

  3. Why it's important to bring mindfulness to our kids

  4. Importance of being mindful parents

You can reach out to Elchanan from his book's facebook page

Or you can get the book directly on Amazon

Check the video from our Youtube Channel http://ibm.biz/thepresentshow

Episode 67 The Mindfulness Master

Today we are with John Shearer, a coach a mentor, and experienced practitioner, simply a mindfulness master with thousands and thousands of hours of experience and many people following his guidance and practices.

You can follow John from his websites


Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/mindful99

Or from the community he established for a world mental health without medication. http://mindfullymad.org

In our show we talk about:

1. the life-changing journey that took John to start practicing mindfulness and becoming a coach

2. about ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

3. about how John summarizes 9000 hours of mindfulness study in a ultimate simple formula

4. about time and the present

5. about why everyone needs mindfulness

and lot cool of other topics and discussions.

Enjoy and take a look at the mindful minute John shared with us https://youtu.be/YVO_cWd_49s

and you can watch the full episode in our podcast version http://ibm.biz/thepresentshowpodcast

Episode 66 To be Grateful you have to be Mindful

This time The Present Show is with Amy E. Ashley, Talent Development Manager at Caterpillar Inc. and focused on leadership development and how purpose and culture relates to it in a corporation.

In this episode we talk about:

  1. The importance of paying attention

  2. The language to talk about mindfulness without talking about mindfulness

  3. Gratefulness

  4. Gratitude, leadership and problem solving

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Episode 65 Reprogram the autopilot

This time The Present Show is with Paul Heil, Employee Experience Specialist @IBM with a natural and long experience in mindfulness.

In this episode we talk about:

  1. Paul journey into mindfulness

  2. Tunnel vision

  3. How we as humans have the natural tendency to switch on the autopilot

  4. Body scan

  5. Being always engaged with something VS just being with ourselves

Enjoy the show.

Episode 64 Each of your moments is the most important moment in your life

Today we are with Shalini Grover, IBMer, Learning Consultant and mindfulness practician.

Shalini had a difficult a moment in her life when her body was not responding as it was usually doing. That's when her healing journey started and the way took her to mindfulness city.

In this episode we talk about:

  1. the importance of being with ourselves

  2. Shalini journey into mindfulness

  3. What to do when you wash dishes

  4. How who's not suited for meditation can be suited for it

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Episode 63 Mindfulness of sounds

Today we are with Karen Newell, co-founder of https://www.sacredacoustics.com mindfulness practitioner and passionate about the power of the sounds. You can learn more about Karen and her background https://www.sacredacoustics.com/pages/our-story

In this episode we talk about:

  1. how sounds can help us to enter in a mindful state of mind

  2. how to practice with sounds

  3. what's the work and research of Karen around it that motivated her to found her company

  4. what are the binaural beats

Enjoy the show!

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Episode 62 Mindfulness to become a servant leader

Today we talk with Laura Kempf, Business Transformation Consultant @IBM Watson Health and author of the book “Inspiring Bold”.

In the podcast we talk about:

  1. Why mindfulness increases team and individual productivity

  2. What's the servant leadership

  3. How mindfulness can help us to become servant leaders

  4. Why mindfulness changed the way Laura does things

  5. Mindfulness and ego

You can find here the book of Laura Inspiring Bold https://ibm.biz/BdYbgQ

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Episode 59 Mindfulness with the grand master

In todays episode we have a guest from IBM 

Duncan Cryle, Mindfulness practice leader in Canada that had 30+ years of practice experience in more than one country

With him we talk about several things: 

1. What are the benefits of mindfulness in time of change
2. What more expert practitioners can do to move forward with mindfulness
3. What exercise can you do to help both your eyes and awareness
4. How mindfulness evolved in the recent years
5. What it means to be mindful in a corporate

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Episode 58 Taking mindfulness to the next level

This week we had Sean Harvey from Eileen Fisher joining us. 

Sean is the Purpose, Personal Transformation & Wellbeing Lead, who is growing and fostering Mindfulness at the company. Sean shares valuable insight into what a modern, forward thinking company does to take mindfulness to the next level and how all companies should be more bold and experiment with their own transformations.


Episode 57 Mindfulness is perfect to reduce stress

In todays episode we have a guest from Aetna 

Andy Lee, Chief Mindfulness Officer https://www.linkedin.com/in/andylee03/

With him we talk about three things: 

1. How and why he started practicing mindfulness
2. What's mindfulness for him, how to define it
3. What are the benefits of mindfulness from his experience

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Episode 56 The secret of happiness is in each moment

In this episode Lele & MindfulPat talk about three things:

  1. What the future of the present show will look like.
  2. Mindfulness being secular, as in not being a religion and how you can practice mindfulness without conflicting with your world beliefs.
  3. Happiness. What is happiness and how to be happy?

Checkout also at this link MindfulPat presentation in the IT Manager of Tomorrow conference 2018 in Poland

Power Up Speech

Mindfulness Keynote